Throw-away fashion causes a huge amount of textile waste from raw materials to end products. 15 million tons of clothes end up in landfills across North America and Europe annually. Only 25% of post-consumer wastes are recycled, while 10-15% of fiber wastes are recycled, depending on countries.

virgin resources

fibre production

garment production


In order to save this limited and precious resources of the Earth, we adopt circular design principles as a sustainable model. This restorative and regenerative way of designing makes others' waste to our wealth. It has environmental and economic benefits. It reduces the need for landfill space, the use of virgin resources, water, and energy consumption. We design out waste and upcycled the deadstock, surplus fabrics from big manufacturers for our collections. These reclaimed materials made from biodegradable natural fibers. We are designing timeless and versatile clothes for long-term use. 

the deadstock materials 

reuse own waste

design and production

long-term use




This is not a goal a person can accomplish by herself, this is a journey to be walked together. Support circularity and help us close the last chain of this loop to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry! 

  • buy quality over than quantity

  • use, wash and repair with care

  • consider rent,swap, second-hand or re-design

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