In addition to being a primitive need, clothing as a means of expression becomes one of the most effective symbolic tools of patriarchy through the concept of fashion. The garments which are created for the idealized bodies with the obsession of thinness are shown on the idealized models. It creates a normative reality. It makes a fantasy normal. A woman who is outside of these norms or at least does not struggle to reach this normal woman's body is excluded in different ways by society. 


These were actually my own experiences, my own troubles. When I was little, my school friends teased my ears and my big nose. They convinced me that I was not enough and I was ugly. After the weight, I took suddenly in college, this time I was not enough because of my body measurements and weight. I guess, because I was sufficiently crushed when I was a child, I was reconciled with my body in the early years of college. I love what I am. I love both big and small parts of my body. I'm not bad, ugly, or less woman. All these brought me to where I stand now.

So, the reason for the existence of Ren is to carry the relationship of women with their own bodies to positive ground. It refuses to position the clothing, which is wrapped around us and shows how we express our inner self, as a symbolic tool to impose socially constructed beauty ideals. It acts with an inclusive design approach that takes into account different body sizes, shapes and celebrates these differences. We produce comfortable and functional garments in order to encourage them to love and cherish their unique bodies.

Why “size-inclusive”, not ”plus-size”?

Size-inclusive fashion brands do not marginalize any size and shape unlike plus-size brands,  they respect the unique differences of women. When fast fashion brands produce products for plus-size, the designs of these products are different from “normal sizes”, as they called. It is usually up to 40 sizes. Designing for plus-size generally emphasis to hide the “defects”. However, we, like all other living things in nature, are unique and being ourselves with these imperfections. Inclusivity aims to create a positive experience for everyone, considering all the differences in a neutral manner. It allows marginalized women who do not conform to the beauty standards which is reinforced by ads, social media, magazines, TV and social groups to find a space for representation and expression.  

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