Ren is an eco-conscious, size-inclusive clothing brand from Turkey that creates minimal, comfortable and versatile wardrobe staples for every women.


Ren’s main goal is to create compassionate, responsible and collaborative relationship between women and their own body, other women and the Mother Earth.


As sustainability and social responsibility is the heart of Ren, all pieces are thoughtfully designed and delicately sewn in our small studios to constitute a minimal conscious wardrobe.


It’s me Gözde. I am the founder and designer of Atölye Ren. Atölye Ren is a slow, sustainable and inclusive clothing brand based in Turkey. We create minimal, comfortable and versatile wardrobe staples for “every” woman.

Our designs are inspired by the balance of nature and wisdom of women. Their simple silhouettes combined with well-thought details. Our garments are expertly and ethically crafted in an artisan way by a like-minded local tailor in Istanbul,Turkey. We produce our collections as made to order to avoid waste and use our resources efficiently. Celebrating the uniqueness of everybody, we develop inclusive patterns and innovative sizing methods.

I dream of harmony among people rather than the competitiveness of modern life. I want to do a job that is more compassionate, more real, more productive and creative toward the environment we live in and all the living beings we share the same space. I wish to be able to transform life with an approach that is fair, harmless and caring. This is not a goal a person can accomplish by herself, this is a journey to be walked together.

Would you join us?

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