The textile industry is one of the sectors which has the most unfair working conditions. Considering the supply chain process of the garment industry, almost 75 million people work for making our clothes. A very small number of these people have a safe, ethical and fair working environment. Major social issues such as child labor, unfair pay, corruption, forced labor, unhealthy working conditions and exposure to hazardous chemicals are connected to the industry.


Ren means "clean, pure". Thus, we have to make sure that we have a clean, fair and ethical production model. For this reason, we develop a collaborative and collectivist relationship with all of our stakeholders in the production process. We believe in the connective power of artisanship. It is important to know people behind the production process of our clothes because it bonds us with each other. In this way, we may create a society that understands, recognizes and cares about each other.

Our all garments mindfully designed, cut in-house one by one, and sewn by a local tailor in fair conditions. 

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