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Duygu Özdemir


Duygu is the woman behind 1kitap1mekan, which combines recommendations of the best places in the city and inspirational book reviews. She was deeply influenced by Istanbul’s cultural diversity. She said that  “I almost got to know Istanbul with its cafes.” Her enthusiasm about books and cultures inspire us, and we asked her a few questions about the idea behind 1kitap1mekan.

Q.The biggest source of inspiration for the "1kitap1mekan" project was Istanbul's cafes. You say "It's almost like I got to know Istanbul with its cafes. In this sense, which are the 3 cafes that best reflect the spirit of Istanbul for you?


This is one of the hardest questions for me. All spaces have a unique texture, taste and experience. I can say Minoa Books & Cafe because it is one of the places that best reflects the spirit of "1kitap1mekan". Since it is in Çukurcuma, my favorite district with its unique texture, Cuma Cafe should definitely be included in this trio. At the same time, I can say that it is the place where the idea of "1kitap1mekan" was born. For me, Kuzguncuk is a district that reflects the calmness of Istanbul, so Nail Bookstore & Cafe is among the places I enjoy very much. I don't want to forget Story Coffee Roasters, which is in a sweet corner of Moda. I love both its coffees and the environment, I think it is one of the places that best reflects Istanbul's multicultural structure.


Q.Which book would you match with each of these cafes? Which books would you recommend to read when we visit these cafes?


When "1kitap1mekan" first came out, I was actually exploring the places in the districts covered by the books, but it became a bit difficult to keep these two in the same balance with the rapidly increasing places and accumulating books. That's why I prefer to combine these places I love with books that make me feel good, by establishing links in my own way.



Cuma Cafe / Orhan Pamuk / Masumiyet Müzesi (The Museum of Innocence)  

The most beautiful book that identifies a district with all special feelings. It is possible to trace this love in every street and corner of Çukurcuma.

Minoa Books & Cafe / Herman Hesse / Siddhartha

The most beautiful journeys are the inner ones. As Minoa takes you into the magical world of books the moment you step through its door, it takes us on the same magical journey with Siddhartha in Herman Hesse.

Nail Bookstore & Cafe / Oruç Aruoba / ile 

Kuzguncuk is a district that suits loneliness very well, it has a melancholic atmosphere so I think it reflects a relationship process very well.

Story Coffee Roasters / Italo Calvino / Invisible Cities 

Each city that does not exist in reality actually touches a very different point of our lives. Story is very suitable with its intimate atmosphere to drink coffee at each stop.

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Q.There are some designs within the "1kitap1mekan". How did this project come about? Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind 1K1M?


The branding process of "1kitap1mekan" as 1K1M is actually very new. After reaching a certain conscious and sensitive audience, I wanted to make my voice heard more. There are so many children in need who cannot reach the book, this is one of the situations that hurt me the most. I wanted to realize my idea in this direction through a social responsibility project. I decided to donate books for each product so that we can meet a school's needs list every month. Of course, my own search is also effective here. I developed this idea while I was looking for a light bag to put my books and my camera in while exploring the venue. 1K1M was created with a simple design, color tones I love and quotes that I was impressed with.


Q.What are the 3 most important traits you love about Atölye Ren? 


I think the story behind brands is the first and most important step that invites us to its world before products. Ren's idea of creating a fair and clean style of clothing, original and timeless designs and hand-crafting attached me tightly to the brand.

Q. As a community, we also have a book club. Which book would you recommend us to read here? 


I'm so glad to hear that! I would also like to attend your next meeting. I recommend "Yetim" from Hatice Meryem, a woman writer who has been very influential as I have recently read.


Q.Based on our newest collection ‘Courage, we would like to ask you the following; What do you think is courage and what has been the bravest thing you've ever done?

I think courage is to be able to take the first step towards what you think and want to do. Taking this path without thinking about the risks, the rumors and the consequences that might happen to me. Because I always think that the time is the best. I can say to found 1K1M without experiences in textile and design industry. It became one of my most beautiful "happy"!


Duygu wearing Ursula Wrap Top in white 

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