stories no.2

Elif Atmaca


Elif is a toy designer, play advocate and co-founder of Toyi which designs toy kits to enable children be productive and self-confident individuals with developed imagination and creativity.She helps children to gain basic knowledge and skills such as problem solving and expressing their feelings by using the healing power of the game. We believe that her all works are the real example of courage. So we visited Elif in her studio and asked her a few questions about courage.


Q. What does courage mean to you?

Elif: I think courage is to be able to be oneself, to live as oneself. Because if we can be ourselves, if we want to produce something, if we want to take a step, if we want not to take it, we can live a good life. In my opinion, being ourselves is the most courageous and liberating thing in a world where there is so much external pressure.

Q.What's the most courages thing you've ever done?

Elif: The bravest thing I have done so far has been to start my own business. I just started out because I wanted, not knowing what was going to happen to me, and I'm still continuing. I'm still afraid and I don't quit to do it.

Q.Whose courage has inspired you?

Elif: Patti Smith most impressed me. I am very impressed by the fact that she embraces his job, does not give up against the difficulties she is experiencing, and takes responsibility for a matter while using her talent and says something to the whole world. Her songs, her writings, everything inspires me every time..


Elif wearing Agnes Pullover in sky with Füreya Skirt in navy 

project by uns.mag

photoshoot by Can Şerefoğlu

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