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Hazal Kızıltoprak


Hazal is a dancer, designer, maker and the founder of El-Quinto which creates accessories and home objects for bold souls. She aims to give joy to everyday life by creating objects with unexpected forms. We are deeply inspired by her creative energy combined with her courageous soul. We visited Hazal in her cozy home-studio and asked her a few questions about courage.

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Q. What does courage mean to you?

Hazal: I think courage means knowing that you have yourself when leaves your comfort zone.

Q.What's the most courages thing you've ever done?

Hazal: The bravest thing I have ever done is to give myself the luxury of making mistakes.

Q.Whose courage has inspired you?

Hazal: There are too many, but I want to say my grandmother.

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Hazal wearing Ursula Wrap Top in blush with Vandana Pants in burnt

project by uns.mag

photoshoot by Can Şerefoğlu

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