Slow Fashion : How does Ren produce?

For ensuring that our manufacturing process is completely transparent, we would love to show how we produce our garments. For further info, do not hesitate to contact with us.​

  1. Sourcing reclaimed fabrics made from natural fibers

  2. Testing fabrics on shrinkage, durability, pilling etc.

  3. Modelling and making samples

  4. Testing samples in terms of fit, comfort, feel and quality  

  5. Cutting pieces in our small studio one by one.

  6. Sewing the garments by our talented local tailors, totally hand-made

  7. Washing, pressing, trimming, and packing garments

Our  Impact 


  • Sourcing reclaimed and deadstock textiles made from only natural fibers.

  • Focusing the minimise the production waste;  to reduce waste, many of our pieces are made to order.

  • Packaging with reusable cloth bags.

  • Collaborating with local manufacturers and artisans for low carbon footprint


  • Encouraging the women to love and cherish their unique bodies for empowering them.

  • Collaborating with local artisans based on fair trade principles

  • Helping to maintain traditional textile methods

  • Encouraging customers to “reduce, reuse, recycle” 

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